Industrial Liquid Nitrogen Container

Industrial Liquid Nitrogen Container

2500 INR/Piece

Product Details:

  • Purity High
  • Industries Oil And Gas
  • Air Gases Nitrogen
  • Application Commercial
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Industrial Liquid Nitrogen Container Price And Quantity

  • 20 Piece
  • 2500 INR/Piece

Industrial Liquid Nitrogen Container Product Specifications

  • High
  • Oil And Gas
  • Nitrogen
  • Commercial

Industrial Liquid Nitrogen Container Trade Information

  • Cash Advance (CA)
  • 1000 Piece Per Month
  • 10 Days
  • All India

Product Description

A specialised vessel created for the storage and transportation of large amounts of liquid nitrogen in industrial settings is referred to as an industrial liquid nitrogen container, cryogenic storage tank, or dewar. These containers are made to retain the liquid nitrogen's dangerously low temperatures (-196 degrees Celsius or -321 degrees Fahrenheit) while ensuring its secure handling and storage.

Here are some essential characteristics and elements of a container for industrial liquid nitrogen:

1. Vacuum-Insulated Design: Vacuum-insulated or double-walled vessels are used to make industrial liquid nitrogen containers. In order to reduce heat transmission and maintain the low temperature of the liquid nitrogen that is being stored, the area between the inner and outer walls is routinely evacuated. Vacuum insulation contributes to a decrease in evaporation rate and an extension of storage period.

2. Inner Vessel: Materials suitable for cryogenic temperatures, such as stainless steel, are typically used for the inner vessel of containers. It is made to endure the low temperatures and pressure changes that happen during storage and use and contains the liquid nitrogen.

3. Pressure-Building System: A pressure-building system is present in several industrial liquid nitrogen containers. The pressure inside the container is managed by this system's pressure-regulating valve. It makes it possible to maintain a proper pressure range by releasing vaporised nitrogen gas under control.

4. Insulation: To reduce heat transfer, a high-performance insulation material, such as perlite or foam, is placed in the area between the container's inner and outer walls. This insulation material aids in preserving the liquid nitrogen's low temperature while lowering evaporation rates.

5. Industrial liquid nitrogen containers come with a number of different safety features. To avoid an excessive accumulation of pressure, they may include venting systems, rupture discs, and pressure release devices. To monitor the liquid nitrogen level and ensure safe operation, some containers also feature level indicators or alarms.

6. Access Ports and Valves: To fill, dispense, and transport liquid nitrogen, the container features access ports and valves. To avoid unintentional leaks or exposure to the cryogenic liquid, these ports frequently have safety measures like quick-disconnect fittings or self-sealing caps. 

Industrial liquid nitrogen tanks can hold between a few hundred and several thousand litres of liquid nitrogen. The type of application and the amount of liquid nitrogen needed will determine the container size.

It's crucial to handle industrial liquid nitrogen canisters carefully and adhere to all applicable safety standards and recommendations. To protect the safety of workers and equipment, proper training in the handling and use of cryogenic materials is crucial.

It is recommended to speak with respected suppliers or manufacturers before purchasing an industrial liquid nitrogen container so they can advise you on the selection, installation, and safe use of the container depending on your unique needs and industry standards. 



1. What exactly is a container for industrial liquid nitrogen? 

Ans - An item specifically created to properly store and transport industrial-grade liquid nitrogen is known as an industrial liquid nitrogen container. It often has an insulated tank with a lid or top to maintain the liquid nitrogen's frigid temperatures.

2. Why would an industrial liquid nitrogen container be used? 

Ans - An industrial liquid nitrogen container's main function is to keep liquid nitrogen safely and securely while delivering or storing it. It aids in preserving the liquid nitrogen's frigid temperatures and stops it from leaking or evaporating too quickly.

3. What characteristics distinguish a commercial liquid nitrogen container?

Ans - A typical industrial liquid nitrogen container has an insulated tank with a cover or top to maintain the liquid nitrogen's frigid temperatures. To provide longevity and corrosion resistance, it is frequently composed of polymeric materials, stainless steel, aluminium, or both. Additionally, a pressure safety valve is a common feature in industrial liquid nitrogen containers. 

4. How is a container for industrial liquid nitrogen used? 

Ans -To transport and store substantial amounts of liquid nitrogen, utilise an industrial liquid nitrogen container. It is frequently employed in industrial, scientific, and medical applications.

5. How is it safe to use industrial liquid nitrogen? 

Ans - Making ensuring the container is tightly sealed and that all usage guidelines are strictly followed are essential when handling industrial liquid nitrogen. When handling the container, put on safety goggles, a face mask, and protective gloves. Work in a well-ventilated area as well to prevent exposure to chemical vapours. 

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